Saturday, February 18, 2012

Word Verification

A week or so ago I had a reader-friend that could not comment on my blog and several others here on Blogger so I opted to take my word verification off for a bit to allow her and others to comment.  Well, the spam she be a coming in now.  Amazing that everyday when I open my emails the spam commenting I get, at least 3 a day.  Thank goodness Blogger keeps a tight handle on that stuff and it doesn't show up on my blog.  Really spammers what is the point anyway.  I'm just a lowly little artist/wife/mother/business lady/blogger what do I need all that for.  Take a rest please and go somewhere else! 


Kay said...

I feel exactly the same. I keep putting up the Word Verification and then taking it off. After a week of being off, the Spammers come. I don't see what they're gaining from this. The new Word Verification is particularly annoying because it's harder to read. Sheesh!

Sweet Tea said...

Word verification sucks the fun out of blogging, IMO.
Yuck O!