Friday, February 10, 2012

Choice or Fate

"Fate chooses your relations, you choose your friends." That statement was the question for Thursday on NaBloPoMo and really caught my attention because I disagree with it.

Yes, fate does choose your relations, to an extent.  I firmly believe that The Hubby and I were destined to meet.  There were too many instances of commonality that were aligned to force us to come in to each others orb of relativity.  It was just meant to be!  And yes, that is a different kind of family or relation because it is married in but it is a relative. 

You choosing your friends, well, I have a problem with that.  I think that the people that you meet in your life, any people, are an act of fate.  I think that there are all kinds of circles of people that come in and out of your life and choice surely is a part of it, but I think fate puts them there for you to choose.  The fates put The Hubby and I in the same circle at just the right time and 36 years later (actually 37), here we are. 

My broken leg in the 6th grade set up the course of events of my life to meet my best friend then.  It forced my "then" friends to abandon me, leaving me open for the new person, Sharon, to evolve into my orb of life.  We chance met in the hallway of our junior high the first day of 7th grade and it was fate that led us to 6 wonderful years of intense friendship.  It also forced us to spiral out of each others orbit to come back again with one simple email.  My other best friend, Christine, well, we are different as night and day.  The first time I met her I thought in my head, "wow, I will never be on her level."  But as we were in the same women's group we were placed together projects that made us realize just how similar we were in different areas, thus a 26 year friendship that might never happened if the fates had not intervened. 

I think so much of our lives is driven more by fate than anything, simple as that! 

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