Monday, December 28, 2009

Okie Blog Awards

The 5th Annual Okie Blog Awards are just around the corner.  I found info on Okiedoke but most importantly the catagories, rules and voting info is found on Okie Blog Awards.  Voting begins Jan 1 - Feb 2 so be thinking and reading for your voting pleasure...  :^)

Best Arts/Crafts Blog
Best Audio/Podcast Blog
Best Business-Related Blog
Best Culture Blog
Best Blog Design
Best Family Blog
Best Food Blog
Most Humorous Blog
Most Inspirational Blog
Best Kept Secret (blogging prior to 1/1/09; not the prior recipient of an Okie blog award)
Best Micro-Blogger (Yes, Best Tweeter. Who writes the best 140 characters?)
Best New Blog (2009)
Best Oklahoma City Blog (metropolitan region)
Best Overall Blog
Best Photography Blog
Best Political Blog (Conservative)
Best Political Blog (Liberal)
Best Representation of Oklahoma
Best Rural Blog
Best Single Topic Blog (majority of content must be on one topic)
Best Tech Blog
Best Tulsa Blog (metropolitan region)
Best Veteran Blogger (5+Years)
Best Writing