Thursday, August 02, 2007

Will #2 every get it!

The #2 daughter, as I've previously blogged is living in California, far away from her parents parental reach. She loves it there and last week she got to do what she is certified/trained to do. She is an audio engineer. She loves music and wants to be in the music scene. This past week she got to work with Tears For Fears on their four city tour in California doing marketing for them. #2 was ecstatic that her favorite band and the members are now friends of hers. She was flying high when I talked to her a couple of days ago and was actually paid $600 for her work. YEAH, I say. Well, she told me that she was going to use part of the money to fly home this month for a friends wedding and to see us since it has been 8 months since she has set foot in this city. She is homesick and I miss her. Well, last night she called and was depressed and sad. She was feeling the down side of being up after a very happy previous week. After a little more prodding I find out what she is down about.l First, if I didn't blog before, she has moved in with her boyfriend who is just a tad older than she is (14 years older). Yeah, I know I'm not happy but what do you do. Anyway, in this condo he has she has her own little office space and her own bathroom and I'm a little confused if it is an actual boyfriend/girlfriend thing but I don't ask. Back to the story. She is upset because she can't unpack her boxes and she is talking about buying paint. I know that this little girl can't settle down and be happy unless her surroundings are absolutely PERFECT. She is very obsessed about it. Then she starts talking about not being able to come home because she can't afford it. I was confused since she just make $600 and is not paying rent. She said she had to buy a new phone. Now mind you we bought her other phone, which she still has and we pay for her bill. It's the only thing left that she doesn't pay for. She said that "W" had to get a new phone and they got a plan. I asked her how much the phone was and she told me $300, it's a palm. WHAT!!!!! #2 there was no reason for that. This is where she is still immature in her thinking. It shows that she was a little pampered but she realizes that it was a mistake at this point when she realizes that it affected her chance to come home. I didn't offer to buy her a ticket and she wouldn't accept it anyway. She's trying to make it on her own, so to speak. Then she started crying about a job. She quit her other really good job at a art store but she wants to do "music" and can't seem to wrap her head around being a waitress or salesperson. I told her she will have to do some grunt work since she hasn't got a college education and very little work experience. She has to be hungry and I think that at this point she is hungry for family. I hope #2 finally learns something through all of this. It's so hard for her to be there and us here. She asked for my help with what she should do about finding a job and I told her that I was in Oklahoma and she was in California and I would be absolutely no help. I told her to start knocking on every door she could. Any money at this point is much better than nothing. I think she sees us, her parents, doing very well and assumes that that is the way for her but doesn't realize it takes years and hard work to attain what we have. She has to get off her keister and make it happen. I told her she needed to get her drive in high gear.

Well, I'm on a role. She's not here for me to rag on so I blog.

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Kelly said...

Tell her to hit those temp agencies. Sometimes they have the best opportunities, and I've known lots of people who've been able to make ends meet that way...

On another note...I'm so glad my kids are 8 and 5!lol