Sunday, August 12, 2007

Mother Nature has a cruel streak

Mother Nature is truly cruel. I have not been visited by her for 11 months and who should make an appearance Saturday night but Her Majesty. I can't believe it. I thought I was finally over all that crap. I am so very bummed that I have to start that whole year waiting all over again. WAAAAAAA!!!

This weekend #1 daughter and I hosted a bridal shower and it was a huge success. The food we made was terrific and everyone had a great time. They stayed for 3 hours. I made a fabulous tiny bacon and tomato sandwich with a parmesan mayo and fresh basil leaves for lettuce. YUMMY!

After the shower The Hubby and I drove up to the cabin for night of peace and quiet and so he could watch the meteor shower. I hit the bed at 9:30 since I was exhausted and recouperating from the monthly drag. I spent this morning reading on the book club selection and I think I am going to finish it by next week. I'm not enjoying it much. It is called The Queen of the South (see Books I'm Reading).

I am rambling I see. Not much has really happened in my life this week so i don't have much to talk about. You know since we are empty nesters, it is just us in the house in the evenings and I'm getting a little bored with the routine. You know, come home every night, turn on the TV, read the paper, check the mail, cook dinner and then watch TV till about 9 o'clock and then turn in - EVERY NIGHT! It is getting to be like my parents and I'M NOT MY PARENTS. I don't want to turn into that old foggy couple that has no life. I REFUSE! That is why I have my girlfriends to hang with, at least occasionally.

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