Thursday, August 23, 2007

Oh Big Brother!

Oh Big Brother! It was very interesting tonight. I have the live feed but have not watched it for a few days and boy did I miss some stuff. DO NOT READ FURTHER IF YOU HAVE NOT WATCHED THURSDAY NIGHT!!!!

Evil Dick and Jen went head to head and it was not very pretty. Jen started by hiding her clothes with the pretext of packing to leave but she was getting ready to go after ED. She went in and took his stash of cigarettes and DESTROYED them. She then went and ate even though she was supposed to be on slop till the end. That cost her an extra vote to be OUT! Then when Dick found out the cancer sticks were gone he went nuts. While she was eating he blew smoke in her face and then it started to physical. Jen ended up with a little burn on her hand. I thought that one was going to go right then since there was not supposed to be THAT kind of contact. WOW! It was an exciting episode and I'm going to have to pay closer attention.

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Kellyology said...

That was an awesome episode, wasn't it?