Wednesday, August 22, 2007

She's Gone

We've had a very nice visit with #2 this past week but she is at this moment landing in LA ready to continue her new life there. The week has been filled with lots of laughter, lots of her old friends and lots of family. She was staying with us so our little routine at home was a little disrupted but not like she used to be. She even made her bed this morning before she left. That is a real biggy. You can tell she has matured and it was a pleasure having having her home. Last night all four of us went out to dinner at a place in downtown called McNellies. After a few beers and dinner we ventured next door to a place called The Continental. What a nice place and it was totally empty. There was a stage and the bartender said it was open Jazz night. While we sampled a few drinks in walked part of the band Harmonious Monk and I forgot that #2 knew some of the band mates. She ran over to hug one of the guys and had a nice visit. I could hear her telling him about her living in LA and on an on. As the bewitching hour came for The Hubby and we decided to go home so I could catch the last of Big Brother. The girls decided to stay, I'm sure to catch the band that was not going to start till 10, WAY past my bedtime. God I'm old. This morning as I made sure #2 was rolled out of bed to catch her plane I was hit with a sadness that she was going away again. It had been 8 months since we had set eyes on my little girl. I was actually nervous for her traveling and right now waiting for her call to say she is safe and sound there. Her Dad took her to the airport as her bag would not fit into my new little car. When I made it into the office he leaned over my desk to ask how our little visit went last night when she came in from the club. I said it was nice but my eyes saw a real sadness in him too. He is very worried about our little girl. He wanted me to grill her about work, if she really loved this new guy in her life, you know pry. I was not comfortable with that and have had my butt bit by delving into my girls lives when I shouldn't. They are adults and they will tell me when they want to although last night was a nice opening for the discussion and so we talked. We actually talked about babies (ARGHHHHH!) She's not ready but she's trying to get her sister off the kick of being scared to death about "having" a baby. Well, that's another discussion. All in all it was a wonderful visit with my lovely daughter.

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