Saturday, August 04, 2007

A Shopping we will go, a shopping we will go!

We stayed in town this weekend because The Hubby had to work in the office this weekend. I didn't work and if he thought I would he had another thing coming. Back to the purpose of this blog. A shopping I went with our #1 daughter. We haven't been shopping together for sometime and I mean maybe a year or two. Anyway, she told me of the outlet Dillard's on the east side of town and that they were having a huge sale till about Sept 16, 50% to 75% off and this weekend was no tax weekend. Well, we hightailed it out there first thing when it opened, 11 am and wow. Mostly clothes and they were very name brand clothes. Lots and lots of clothes. We found comforter covers, tablecloths, bedskirts, napkins and lots and lots of clothes for us our lovely guys in our life and even shirts for my Daddy. When we got home we tallied what I actually spent with the original prices on the tags: the original price total was $3,356 and I actually spend $441.46 with only paying $7.52 in tax on the non-clothing items. WOW! Can you believe it. Run do not walk if you are in the Tulsa area and shop, shop, shop till you drop. Go early so to not get caught in the tired and stressed nerves of the shoppers or cashiers. The lines are long so be very patient and try not to get caught up in the ugly talk (almost a fight behind us over a place in line). Wear tennis shoes and be prepared to carry, carry, carry. Take a stroller without the baby to use as a cart. Hubbies there are tons of pants and shirts to choose from, lots of linen and cotten casual shirts for CHEAP! I mean it "A shopping we will go, a shopping we will go, high ho the dario, a shopping we will go."

Time for a nap, I'm exhausted.

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LiveLee said...

and i went to woodland...what was i thinking?!?!?!