Wednesday, April 07, 2021


This lady, oh my dear sweet mother-in-law, she has been through it and her life as she knew it will never go back at this point.  She has no function on her left side although The Hubby said her left leg was moving a bit and that might be encouraging.  She hasn't opened her eyes but is responsive and tries to answer questions.  Yesterday they put in a feeding tube and the tech told The Hubby he hated to do that to a 93 year old but she is so much with us.  He told The Hubby to punch him after he was done and that is exactly what he did...of course not hard but it took a bit humor to deal with all that is going on.  The three boys, her boys are splitting their time staying with her.  They don't want her to be alone and I think that is very admirable and loving.  She has always been their rock growing up, there for them through thick and thin and it is appropriate that they are there for her during this time.
This photo was taken last year or so I believe.  This is how I want to remember her as a strong vibrant special woman.  It's hard to believe she was having such a good time with the family she loves so fiercely and the next she was down.  Kept me awake most of the night last night.  Not sure why it's bothering me so but it's probably because we lost Daddy not so very long ago.  

Another update on me and this blasted hip.  I went to yet another hip doctor on Monday and he pretty much told me the same thing, I'm FAT, but, he was much nicer than the last guy.  He said that I needed to lose 20 pounds in the next 2 months and then we will be able to proceed.  The other guy just walked out of the room with no hope at all.  So Monday afternoon I found this diet book that The Hubby and I did a few years ago with success called The 100 by Jorge Cruise.  It counts sugar calories not food calories.  I had forgotten a lot of it but decided to do the menu plan that is pretty restrictive at first to kick the fat body in gear.  I ordered stuff from Fresh Market right then and it was delivered in 2 hours ready to start up yesterday.  The Hubby is on board to eat ANYTHING I put in front of him, will do anything to help me.  I am grateful for this from him.  I know I'm in trouble health wise and it is so needed, not just for my hip.  I even have been getting on my stationary bike and leaning back like a recumbent bike and that seems to work.  I will, I MUST do this in order to get my life back.  I think this at the crisis point in my life and I need to wake up and deal with it and not keep my head in the sand.


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