Saturday, July 28, 2012

Watching Concrete Dry

Good morning one and all!  It's a very early Saturday morning at home and I am awake.  It's actually about 6:45 but I've been up since 5, yet again.  Dang it, I hate that I can hardly sleep in anymore.  Construction is STILL going on but we are seeing an end to it all.  Yesterday the concrete guys were at our house at 5:30 am.  I guess they were going to get a very early start.  In fact, The Hubby said they were in the backyard with flashlights.  Wow, now that is dedicated to the job I guess.  The crew was pouring concrete by 7 and were still at the house at 6 pm.  They will be back this morning sometime to wash it off from cutting the diagonal cuts and the salt that was put on top to make it have some texture.  Tomorrow I should have some more pictures of the progress.  The Hubby is so excited now that the concrete is down.  They still have a section to do so that Clayton's little doggy door is not just a muddy mess when he jumps out.  They will put a sort of ring around an existing small tree and the doggy door and a concrete pad for the wood rack.  Next will come the concrete stain, the counter tops, which I think will be either concrete or granite.  Then the painter will stain the beams and pickle the ceiling of the porch part.  I've been given the go ahead to start shopping for outdoor furniture!  Yeah, something I can do.  The inside is complete and even has handles to open.  Poor Clayton stood at the plastic covered door and cried to go out last night but with the salt and tender concrete it wasn't a good place for him.  The Hubby went ahead and let him take a quick look but what he was after was the place where the workers took lunch break and he found some leftover nibbles.  Good Grief!  Back inside The Hubby washed his little paws in the faucet and he was good to go to bed, his job done. 

Today we will start reassembling the living room.  I am not going to put as much crap around on the shelves and we will have to rearrange it a bit differently I think.  Lots of furniture moving today.  

Have a great Saturday and keep cool.  The expected high today 109, tomorrow and Monday, 111.  It is definitely July in Oklahoma!


Anonymous said...

lawd! 109, 111 - ! Barely gets out of 80 here on my porch - though sometimes it does climb up to 85 (though it feels still nice since we are at 3400ish feet and it's more dry here).

So exciting to have something new - and to shop for it! :-D FUN!

Sweet Tea said...

Anxious to see photos!!