Monday, July 30, 2012

Putting Life Back Together

Construction Update:  Concrete pour is NOT finished.  Apparently The Hubby has plans for more of the stuff on the side of the house.  I admit that he is right as it is a mess of excess dump concrete, rock, construction stuff but I just thought it would be cleaned up and "sod" put down.  The Hubby has other plans. He wants to have access to the back yard for hauling firewood, wheelbarrow's of "stuff", new trash carts, etc.  I can understand that he is tired of the muddy mess the area can be but really, more concrete.  The yard is a huge slab of concrete now.  He made me come out there last night to "get my opinion" on what I thought but the first time I bucked his idea I was shut down so I turned and walked inside.  Whatever! is 6:09 AM...I hear....digging...Wow, our neighbors on the north side of us are really happy about this!  Good grief, but I understand getting a head start on the heat of the day, especially right now it is 90 degrees outside.  At least the main part of the concrete pour is done and we can step out into our back yard without it being a mine field of construction debris.  I also spent the day yesterday getting our living room back to normal.  Everything for weeks now has been crammed into the front room and the layer of dust was giving me a headache, but yesterday my world got put back into place, a bit.  Since we covered up what once was a door and added doors where windows were we had the opportunity to utilize a different space yet losing another space, sort of.  
This is the before picture.  I know it doesn't look much different but it is.  Notice the window on the right...gone!  

Now it is window/french doors.  Also the chair is pushed back into the corner and the ottoman that has been hidden for 6 years is utilized.  I have a small table behind the chair with pictures but have to figure out how to make the pictures higher.  Actually, now that the chair is pushed back there is a walkway in front of the chairs to the doors.  It is more open. I spent all day pushing and shoving and trying NOT to scrape the wood floors to get everything put in place and was delighted with what I did...The Hubby not so much.  He walked in and hit the roof.  He wanted the chairs pulled in even further, more that in the first picture so the walkway would be behind.  It was already kind of cramped.  I like it spread out more, the room looks bigger.

Now here is a really before picture, before we did anything to the house and moved in.  The door is gone, the window is a door and the ceiling is vaulted. 
Now the after again.  
I love it.  We still have to hang the picture or maybe two.  


Veronica said...

Wow, it looks like it is all coming along. I like your style!

Sweet Tea said...

I'm loving this!!! Great changes!!
I know you will be happy to be done and have everrything back in it's place, but it is worth the inconvenience.
VERY nice!!

Beryl said...

I really like those new doors. Very nice. I can see the benefit of having concrete at the side of the house for getting stuff back there, but have to agree that it doesn't look as good as grass. Glad you're almost back to normal.