Monday, July 02, 2012

Bunnies and Flowers and CLAYTON

The weekend at the cabin was the annual 4th of July celebration that I DON'T participate in.  Actually, I sat inside most of the time and read.  I finished yet another book and am 35 books into my 60 read goal.  I finished Summer People, by Elin Hilderbrand.  She has become one of my favorite authors and I can't seem to get enough of her stuff right now, helps that she writes about the beach, my favorite kind of place, and Nantucket, where I have never been.

Yesterday I woke up early thanks to little Mr. Clayton, 5 a.m. thank you, his usual time and try as I might I could not go back to sleep.  When I let him out to do his business the air was fairly nice, not like the usual heat wave that early, so I grabbed my Kindle and headed to the screened porch to finish the book with my coffee.  It was so quiet, but about 8:19, the low drone of the cicadas started their sing-song, "It's gonna be another hot day" song.  Great.  Soon The Hubby was up and being the kind of guy that can't sit still long when he sees something that needs to be done, he's up to clip grass around the fence row and our new plants.  I was, but it's just too hot and since I'm on this medication I'm not supposed to be in the sun.  (Good excuse.)  

He started clipping and soon discovered a tiny little bunny that Mr. Clayton had a bead on.
Not one bunny but two.  There is a tall wall that separates the yard and the drive and one of the little buggers just jumped down, straight onto the concrete.  I cried out and raced down to find it staggering around.  Oh gosh, I scooped it up and took it to a nearby side of grass where it promptly jumped out of my hands.  Poor little baby, but Clayton had it in his sights.   
Soon Clayton jumped the second one out of its hiding place and was after it like nobody's business.  He watched them through the fence after that.   
At least in this heat my pretty hardy hibiscus are blooming. 

How was your hot weekend!


Ocean Breezes and Country Sneezes said...

Good morning from Maine! We're here for the summah! It was hot here on Fri/Sat, and I for one am glad it's over! Sunday was about 90 and it was humid . . . today's supposed to be about 78 - 80 and a little drier - PERFECT!!! I know most of the country is suffering from a terrible heat wave and I hope it's over soon!

So glad you were able to save the little bunnies, at one time they were an endangered species, don't know if they still are.

Have a great day and keep cool - if possible!


Nolita said...

It was hot but fun and exhausting (as you've read). I am looking forward to a low-key 4th for sure now. We hung up some misters that really helped cool things down and Scott hooked our waterfall back up in the pond (that bullfrogs have taken over) so that was nice. Love the sound of running water...

Janie B said...

How hot? TOO hot! Watch! When it finally does rain, IF it ever does, it will be a flood. Mother Nature needs to get her act together!

A Brit in Tennessee said...

We've had incredibly hot weather, days upon days, and finally this afternoon a welcomed summer thunderstorm gave some much needed rain.
The cabin sounds so lovely, and relaxing.
We must take the same medication, stay out of the sun on my directions for me :)