Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Headaches Of All Kinds

Late in writing this morning.  I have been waking up for the past four days with a sinus headache.  Ever since I had the sinus infection, which is gone, I wake up with a headache, mostly in the middle of the night.  I haven't had that problem in years.  I guess I need to be more diligent in taking the allergy med's that are no longer paid for by prescription.  Last night I woke up at 2:35 a.m. and just had to get up.  Which meant that by the time I finally was able to go back to sleep it was close to time to get up.  I called Wade and told him I just couldn't make it to workout and drifted back to sleep while The Hubby got up, fed the dog, fixed his oatmeal and grumbled because we didn't have milk.  I texted him a message on Sunday that he needed to get some milk.  He said he didn't get the text but the one I sent seconds later about having chicken gizzards for dinner, he got.  I don't drink milk and rarely use it for anything so I fail, often to notice it being used up.  Sorry guy.  Anyway, back to the head throb.  I did successfully go back to sleep and slept quietly till 8 when the hammering started, not in my head but outside.  The bricklayers are here.  They have worked everyday since Friday, and that includes Saturday and Sunday.  I'm glad they are working hard to finish, in fact I wished they worked faster but I will take what I can get.  We found a trim carpenter to trim out the inside where we put in the new window.  We have to replace some of the wood on the walls and trim around the door.  He will work at 8 Saturday morning.  UGH.  That means another weekend in town, away from our cabin.  We are also keeping the granddog this weekend which Clayton will love.  I worry that he might find a nail out in our bombed out backyard with no fence.  Have to be very careful.  Also, we found a landscaper that I think will be able to get our flowerbeds and the grass in shape when all the construction mess is gone.  On one side of the yard where the workers bring everything and walk over it is nothing but a hard dirt mound.  We also will have to replace the entire fence as it is now falling down on all sides.  Might as well get it all right the first time around so we can stop the money flow and the constant flow of strange men in my yard.  

With all this going on we also have a flip house we have been working on, actually, The Hubby has been working on.  I have done a bit of cleanup and decision making and writing checks, but that is about it. 

Hopefully I will get some inside of before and after pictures.  The Hubby has done an amazing job and the landscape guy put in some new stuff yesterday that is not pictured here.  Today we officially put it on the market with a reality company.


Beryl said...

How did I miss the fact that you flip houses? Like all those TV shows? How brave!
This place sure is hard on the sinus. (Or is it sinuses or sinui?) At any rate, I hope Autumn brings relief. But not too soon, I am not done enjoying all these amazing tomatoes and peaches.

Sweet Tea said...

The flip house sure looks better after the work done to it. The neighbors must love what's been done to restore this house. . .Hope you're feeling better soon.

Sinupret Med said...
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