Sunday, July 08, 2012

This-n-That Saturday

I had forgotten how beautiful the white crepe myrtle is outside the window of our new bathroom.  Last year it took my breath away and again this year it brings the same response.
I have a bird feeder there too but the darned squirrel can't keep his mitts off of it, depleting the seed, from the squirrel-proof feeder, in less than 30 minutes. 
Paper thin flower petals, just lovely.

Friday night The Hubby insisted we attend a get together way out in the "boondocks" of a former neighbor and junior high classmate.  He had not seen her and her sister in how many years, over 40.  Her hubby rebuilds classic cars so The Hubby had to get his '49 Dodge pickup out of storage to attend.
We climbed in, and thank goodness he had A/C installed, to tool down the road south of Tulsa to meet up for chat, food and meet new and old friends! 

I thought I might take a few pic's but really didn't find anything that spoke to me, "take a picture."  I settled on the nasty wasp nest up in the corner of the garage we sat out by. me the shivers.  


Kay said...

I do love the crepe myrtle. Wasps, not so much.

PTBYF said...

They are beautiful and so delicate looking. I have two pink ones and one purple one to enjoy. The wasps... I agree... not so much!!!