Thursday, July 12, 2012

As The Mess Turns

Well, we are still in a mess here and it is starting to MAKE ME CRAZY!

See the wall on the other side of the tree.  That is progress, as are the2-1/2 columns that are done. 

Now they have started the other side of the tree, where the new fire pit will be. 
And it is where the "Kendall" sign will sit, behind the pit.  We will be able to see it through the french doors that are still not finished inside or out.   

I'm just tired of not being able to sit in my yard or let little Clayton run.  

Oh well, soon, very soon!


Cindy said...

It is so hard to be patient during a construction project, but the end result will make you so happy!

Beryl said...

It's going to be so great when it's finished, but such a pain waiting for it to get there. Maybe have some fresh peaches to cheer up.