Sunday, July 01, 2012


See that blush back there.  
I've been watching two HUGE beefsteak tomatoes slowly grow and ripen.
I've lost so many to the dang squirrels and critters.  
But, I'm bound and determined to hang onto these two beauties.
One of them is as big around as my hand and bigger.
I've done everything from netting, blow up snakes and owls.  
Yesterday morning I could not stand the thought of going out to find them on the ground, eaten.  The last huge one was munched on a bit but I cut the eaten part and fried up a good green tomato.  I'm not going to wait...I picked them and now they sit on my kitchen counter to finish ripening.


Teresa@oursoutherncountryhomeandfarm said...

Girl I thought that was a real snake! We are having the worse garden year ever due to the drought. We are normally begging people to take our excess, and we will not even have enough to put up this year, let alone share.

Kay said...

Squirrels? Gosh! I didn't know they ate tomatoes too.

Nolita said...

I think the squirrels ate my 2 figs last year. I am doing what I can to keep an eye on the 50 or so figs I have growing now. I may have to put out a snake. I put a really cartoonish looking owl key hider in my front bed to keep cats out and that has been surprisingly effective. May have to get another...

I am just now seeing some little tomatoes and casper pumpkins (or kabocha or hopefully both) growing in my garden. Haven't harvested anything yet but have gotten some tomatoes and cucumbers from my neighbor's excess (they planted their garden on time).

It will be a fight to the finish!

P.S. I thought that snake was real too!