Thursday, June 21, 2012

Quiet Time

The blog Mama's Losin' It has a writing session where the prompts are posted every Tuesday, after choosing one you write about it.  Then on Thursday you go back and link it up.  Today I've chosen the prompt, "Time for a break.  Show us where you go for quiet time."  

I kind of chose that one because it was easy and I've kind of blogged about it before here.  

As I have said before my quiet time place is most generally my hammock at the cabin, or even just the screened porch.  

Can you blame me.  I mean how perfect does this look.  I can see my roses among the many flowers I've planted. 

I can watch the multitude of birds that come by and eat.  

Or I can laze around in the hammock, from the time I get up in the morning, till the time I to go to bed. 

The cabin, our cabin, is my Eden really.  In the summer especially I wake up early, before the sun comes up, fix my coffee, grab the journal, book, magazines, etc. and head for my chair on the screened porch.

There is hardly a sound that early in the morning.  I don't turn on a light as the kitchen light shines a bit through the window, but it's dark.  I quietly sit and listen, and look deep into the dark, trying to see if anything is moving out there.  Once when it was so totally dark, at four or five a.m. I was sitting very quietly, looking when I caught a glimpse of something moving.  The gate has a small LED light that glows down on the steps and there slithering under the gate was a small wild, country cat.  It ran over to the picnic table and climbed on top.  I was dead still as I watched it take a bath and just sit looking into the darkness too.  I'm it was waiting for the birds or maybe a chipmunk or squirrel that visits the bird feeders.  Something suddenly scared it, not me, and it was off in a flash.  

As time rolls on, before the sun peeps over the horizon the world of birds and dogs begins there sing-songs.  You can hear mockingbirds and roosters crowing in the distance and occasionally an owl will hoot his call.  Dogs begin barking and nearby pastures will be filled with the sound of the cows calling for the farmers to FEED ME!  Absolutely the most perfect place for my quiet time.  The stillness and quiet help me to think about the past week or month and contemplate the future.  

So this is where I like to go for my quiet time, to take a break from my world and I don't often share it, I'm protective.  Where do you go.


Oddyssey said...

Hello, love your title "Jill of all Trades"

I miss having a hammock. I'd love to get one again. And you've given me a great idea about getting some bird feeders to hang just outside our living room window. I don't blame you for being protective of your Quiet Spot. I would be too! But thanks for sharing with us!

Stopped by from Mama Kat's

Veronica said...

That seems like a very relaxing place. Makes me wish I wasn't an apartment dweller!

Anonymous said...

I am so jealous! I've been working on my garden a lot this month but, I will never have enough room to build a sunroom type thing. That's my DREAM though.

Jenni said...

What a lovely place! I usually hide in the bathroom... HAHA!

Jackie Hall said...

Just found your blog through Morganic. Love Nol! She is a doll.

Your quite place sound like heaven. Don't know that I have one other then my bed room.


Mimi B said...

Oh my gosh, I love that! I want a hammock! It seems very relaxing at your cabin!

Jen said...

I have always wanted a hammock but each time I try to get in one, I fall out.

It's not pretty so I have just given up.

bill lisleman said...

quiet still places are great for reflecting on many things. No feeling of being rushed. I'm not a morning person so those quiet times for me would be late in the night searching through a clear night sky.