Monday, June 25, 2012

A Klutzy Gal

A black eye, yes I may be sporting that lovely little shiner this week.  I am a klutz!  Have I ever told you just how klutzy I can be!  There are a couple of instances that remind me that sometimes it is just not wise for me to get out of bed.  

Saturday morning at the cabin I slept in a bit, till 6:30, but just couldn't wait to get up and enjoy the early morning.  It was going to be the last cool morning for awhile.  My usual habit consists of grabbing my book, journals and cup of coffee to plop down in my chair.  Sitting down I realized that I had forgotten to refill my bird feeders and water the plants.  So up again I popped to get everything all done so I could enjoy.  I uncoiled the water hose and started the day long watering my thirsty plants, then I filled all the feeders and suet cages under my tree.  
I also had hummingbird feeders that had been up for over 2 weeks that were yucky.  Most of the sugar water was gone but there was still a mess to deal with.  Taking them inside poses the problem of sugary drips all along the way but I had some plastic grocery bags left from the bird seed purchase so I attempted to put them in the bags to make my way to the kitchen sink.  As I was carrying them in to the porch door I saw that I missed a side of the feeder and some drips were occurring.  Mind you that one of the feeders was a thick glass jar.  I lifted and tilted the bad of sticky feeders up in front of my face as I was walking forgetting that I had closed the porch door....BANG, WHAP, OUCH!  I ran smack dab into the door in full fast walking gait having the glass jar hit me right in the right eye socket.  I immediately knew I was going to have a black eye but as today is here it is only a bit tender.  I am so very lucky but it could have gone so bad.

Several years ago I was at our office on the outside wall, before we added on to the building.  I was trying to get inside the door that was a huge step up and had a very hard round kind of door knob.  While trying to unlock the door I was also dodging a huge red wasp that I am afraid of.  I dodged and weaved and BLAM my left eye socket met the round door knob.  I saw stars and no longer cared too much about the red wasp!    That one did black my eye.


Several years ago, a whole house ago, we had a big two person shower.  We liked our two person shower.  The girls were gone for the night so we took advantage of having no teenage girls around.  The two person shower became a two person shower.  Long story short, remember the kind of soap dishes that are built into the ceramic tile walls, the ceramic kind!  Well, they kind of aren't as secure as you would think...get my drift. during the throws of, well you know, the damned thing came off in my hand, I hit myself in the head nearly knocking myself out.  I got a huge goose egg on my noggin' but you know what, didn't slow things down!  OUCH!   It was pretty funny though and I couldn't quit laughing for, well, the end.  It hurt like hell but it was so funny, the whole episode, so funny.  

So a klutzy gal I am and proud of it, bruises and all.  Makes for good stories!


My Book and My Coffee said...

Ouch. Jill, sorry to hear about the little accident... I have my klutzy moments as well, and they are never pretty. But I hope you are doing alright, considering the pain. Take care. - Ara

Anonymous said...

Makes for good blog posts right? Haha, I hope you feel better soon though. Bruises are no fun, especially on your face.

Sweet Tea said...

Perhaps you should wear a helmet and protective eyewear. Just sayin. . . Great stories, funny shower scene visual. *blush. ;-)

Annmarie Pipa said...

really is funny!

Janie B said...

That was so funny! I'll bet your daughters are blushing! (You know they read it.) Ha!

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

Hey, I'm blushing also. Great stories.

Winnie said...

You had my rolling off my seat with your shower story...I am a big klutz. I have issues with STAIRS.. I go tumbling down more than the average person. When I was visiting my mom once I took a teapot filled with tea down stairs. My future hubby was in the kitchen upstairs with my mom, and of course I slip and go down the stairs with a large thud and CRASH. My mom looked at my soon to be hubby and said, 'oh, that is just Winnie".. He was freaked out,but mom said I do it all the time. I have learned to have someone else carry hot beverages, or glassware down for me...just in case.