Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Eye Candy

It's Tuesday and a hot Tuesday here in Okieland!  I'm trying to come up with something to write about to top yesterdays Fifty Shades of Grey-like of sex in the shower and getting knocked in the head.  I'm not sure I can top that today.  You know I forgot my brother reads this blog.  "Sorry Bro for the imagery!"

Life in my household lately is one of having a ton of shirtless guys hanging around in my backyard.  How lucky can a girl get!  They are young, in fairly good shape, lifting beams and climbing scaffolding.  You would think I would like the eye candy but wait, what is that I see.  I see a few teeth missing, caps on sideways, tattoos everywhere and cigarette's hanging askew out of their mouths.  Not really an appealing vista in my view but they are getting the job done.  Yesterday it took four of them to set steel poles for the brick pillars, all day long.  They measured and moved and measured and moved, ALL DAY LONG...all four of them.  That is all they got done yesterday, oh wait, they did manage to set up some saw horses and move the huge beams from the front yard to the backyard.  Today the scaffolding is set up and they are cutting something on the house, into the roof line.  Speaking of roof line, the patio covering/roof is now gone.  It was cut off last Friday so the wonderful west sun of June, the 105 degree wonderful west sun of June is now beating into my very large kitchen window.  By afternoon I am baking in that room and in the mornings as I am preparing my colon cleanse shake they have a front row seat to watch me whirr away.  Really, I'm not complaining much, as I know the end is all well worth the frustration and agony of having tons of men in my backyard while I shower and try to paint.  Hopefully in a few weeks we will have this wonderful back patio, outdoor kitchen, fire pit area and then get the landscapers in to finish cleaning up the mess they are making and tear out old bushes.  This should be the end of doing any kind of work on this house.  We've done it all, inside and out to make it our own and we LOVE it!


Sweet Tea said...

Can't wait to see the finished photos when it's all done!

Kay said...

No eye candy here in Hawaii. Guys would rarely go shirtless for fear of getting sunburned... unless they're at the beach.

Beryl said...

Sorry those workmen were disappointing. A comedian said that if he had shown up at home with his hat on sideways, his father would have given him two choices - put the hat on straight, or his dad would twist his neck around until the brim was facing forward.