Sunday, June 24, 2012

Weekend Review

The weekend was pretty quiet for us.  As usual we headed off to the cabin for some R&R.  The usual crowd was not in attendance but Harri and Jimbo were there for company.  I had the camera at the ready for the visit at Harri's.  I usually find something to snap a pic of for a possible painting.

Their sweet little dog, Sissy posed for me in hopes of a painting in the near future.  I've just finished one of her daughter's paintings,  Annie and Harri's other little dog Kuki.  Sadly Annie and Kuki are no longer with us.   

A bit later we enjoyed the deck but Sissy was a bit exhausted from all the posing. 

Feet up and drinks at the ready! 

Saturday night as the evening wore on I noticed the yellow/orange look to the leaves but it is not from fall approaching or lack of water but the sunset over the roofs of the cabins reflecting off of the leaves.  It was cool to see. 

Awww, another glass of wine and I was a happy girl. 

Back home this morning I hurried to the back yard to check my tomatoes.  I had some huge ones ready to pick but look what I spied, or he spied me.  If you look close something was not right. 
The poor guy has a horribly broken wing but he was happily eating the HUGE tomato that I was planning on picking.  I imagine that is how his wing was broken.  He got caught in the netting I have around the tomatoes.  That one tomato he had was very deep in the plant.  I feel just terrible about it but I now know who the culprit has been all along.  He didn't last long sad to say.  I said a little pet prayer for him. 


Kay said...

Gosh! What kind of bird is that? Is it a woodpecker? I hope it was able to get away. Great photos!

Veronica said...

Poor little birdie! By the way I'm pretty klutzy too. I think a majority of left brain people are ;)