Monday, June 18, 2012

The Day After

The weekend started with me waking up with a horrendous sore throat.  It had been bothering me for few days but I thought it was going to be just allergies and post nasal drip!  I was wrong when I realized that the back of my throat, after inspection, was not a pretty sight.  Of course, I always get sick on the weekends when I can't see my regular doctor, but thank goodness there are minor emergency clinics.  I knew that if I was to attend the family gathering on Saturday a quick run to the clinic was in order so I waited until 10 AM for it to open.  I was afraid that strep throat was going to be my diagnosis.  The doctor came in and we chatted a bit and he asked what I was in for.  I explained and then he got his little throat looker and took a peek.  You should have seen his eyes and head pop back as he said, "You weren't kidding."  He sent the nurse who then gave me a little gag and tickle in the back of the throat to quick test for strep.  Dum, de, dum, dum, dum, de, dum....(Jeopardy song)...I wait for seven minutes.  Finally Doc walks in and says, "Well, surprisingly, it's not strep."  I couldn't believe it after what was hiding in my throat.  He went ahead and put me on a "Z" pack and said that there are other bacteria that can cause this but that strep is the only one that they test for because it can cause damage to the heart muscle.  I just wanted to make sure I could be around my family, my Daddy and the pregnant "B".  He said no problem, just no kissy stuff.  

So Sunday evening we joined most of the family to enjoy our cousins that had come into town.  I haven't seen my cousin Dennis since I was probably 20 years old, that would be 36 years ago!  He and his wife Vickie were who Daddy stayed with when he took his 6 month trip to Arizona a few years ago.  Daddy had the BEST time and had tears in his eyes as he told me, "This is the best Father's Day ever!"  Made my day to see him so very happy.

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