Thursday, January 19, 2012

Question of the Day

The question of the day at NaBloPoMo is "If you miss the first few minutes of a movie, do you still want to watch the rest of it?"

Well, of course I watch the rest of it.  For one thing if you pay good money, which is a lot now-a-days, I'm not going to waste it by walking out of the movie, no way.  Besides you could always stay for the next showing, if you really needed to.  My favorite part of the movies is the previews.  I absolutely love the previews and if I ride with someone who makes me late, let's just say this girl is not happy.  I've seen people walk into the theatre 15-20 minutes past the "Official" time, just in time for the movie.  How do they do that.  And if it is a popular movie where the seats might be limited, more reason to be there early.  I'm a bit anal about being somewhere early I must admit.  I HATE being late for anything.  I will arrive 30 minutes early if I have to.  It's a flaw or a gift whichever you might look at it.  All I can say is that if you are with me be prepared to be there early or ON TIME!

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PTBYF said...

I'm with you! I HAVE to be on time and get the right seat AND see the previews in order to "fulfill my experience!"