Sunday, January 29, 2012

Rambling Sunday

Good early Sunday morning to one and all.  It is early here, 5:45 AM.  Yes, I am up that early but when you are up at 5 AM five days a week your body just gets used to it.  I was sleeping nicely but of course Clayton has to get up and eat and The Hubby was ready to oblige him this morning.  When there is movement in the house my mind starts moving and going and then I can't sleep, so here I am.  Besides I'm still hanging with this awesome weird cold thing although I "think" I feel better this morning. 

Yesterday I was up early too but took the opportunity to finish my 7th book for the year.  I can't believe I'm on this reading jag but it is all good.  I finished The Descendants, like the movie with George Clooney.  Sad book and a dysfunctional group of people.  Fairly fast read and now I can see the movie, maybe next week.  After finishing the book, reading the paper, taking my shower, etc., I got ready to go to the flea market and a small home show with my friend Sharon.  She had never been to the flea market and I had great fun in sharing the experience with her.  In fact she made a find for herself and had a great time.  We dined at lunch on sandwiches and salad at McAllisters and then took a drive around my stomping grounds of our office and some of our properties.  Chat, chat, chat, it was awesome to listen and have someone listening.  It has been such a great thing that we have connected after so many years.  As we were walking around the flea market she commented that we had such similar likes, I told her there was a reason we were friends so many years ago.  I so missed her and had forgotten how much I loved her company.  It was a great day, but it was not over.

Later that evening, since I was just doing the burger thing, by the request of The Hubby, I invited our friends Bev & Kelly.  They came, we chatted, showed off the new addition, chatted, ate, chatted.  It was a very relaxing and well, chatty evening. 

I told The Hubby that this year we are going to entertain a lot.  Last Thursday we had the couple (our insurance guy& wife) from our trip to New England for dinner, Bev & Kelly last night, and in a couple of weeks another couple for dinner.  We are going to have a social life if it kills me.  It's not to say we don't have a social life but I am determined that it won't be like my parents.  When my brother, sister and I were young tykes our parents were all the time going to parties, movies, dances, bridge card playing, but later in life something happened and it stopped.  Then they had nothing and when my momma died NOT one of her friends came to her funeral, sent flowers, cards, or called.  I don't know what happened but it will not happen to me.  I want my friends close, I want my friends.  Now my sweet Daddy has nothing really to do.  He thankfully has his childhood friend Jay that he goes to see and Jay was there for him when he was sick, even though he has had a stroke and can't get around that well.  They are so close and it is darling.  Jay tells Daddy, "I love you Bud," every time he leaves Daddy and gives him a big ole' kiss and hug.  I love it. 

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Cindy said...

I'm happy for you that you have reconnected with your old friend and had a great time together!