Friday, January 27, 2012

Day 27 of 366, A Day of Ramble

So far so good with the daily posting but I have a lonnnnng way to go with the daily thing.  Actually, it isn't so bad and a good exercise in writing. 

I've been a bit sick this past week with a kind of sore throat thingy since Tuesday.  Really don't feel bad but the mornings are nasty with not being able to really speak well, more like a frog for a few hours.  Then it goes away.  Not sure what is going on with it but don't have time to go to the doctor.  I may visit a minor care facility tomorrow or Sunday if it persists. 

Watching the early morning news on my usual channel at 5 AM and I am getting tired of them re-reading the same stories over and over and over and over and over again for days.  Even some of the stories that are on the national news gets re-run.  I watch about 10 minutes and then change channels to the other 3 stations to try and get different stories.  Then I'm on to watching the usual re-runs of Angel, Charmed and Supernatural which I have done for probably 10 years now.  It's kind of white noise and keeps me company.  I'm just tired of politics, weather, and yadda-yadda!

This weekend I plan on going to the flea market and one of the small home and garden shows with my friend, Sharon, my best friend from high school.  I can't wait to hang out with her.  It has been way too many years ago since we have done something like that.  Maybe will do a bit of painting too.  I finished a painting in class Tuesday but I really, really don't like it and the instructor had more brush strokes on it than I like, to show me technique.  It was a still life that I set up, took a picture of and started the painting over 2 years ago but I just could not finish, again goes back to the perfection thing.  I messed up the placement on the canvas and Ross had me add some stuff to make it work but I just don't like it.  I will take a picture of it sometime and share, maybe. 

This weekend I will hopefully finish my 7th book of the month.  I can't believe I've read so much this past month, but I have.  I'm reading The Descendants and plan on seeing the movie after I finish.  The book is really pretty good story wise, sad, and I can see George Clooney in the role.  Tonight or today, not sure, I'm going to see the new movie, One For The Money, the Janet Evanovich one, with my friend Christine.  Can't wait!!!!!  Sunday is the musical The Addams Family at the PAC with The Hubby.  We had friends for dinner last night and plan on burgers with The Hubby's best bud on Saturday.  I think I have hugely full weekend and this sore throat needs to just go away.  It's not in my plans to feel bad!  I banish you sore throat!!!!!

Oh and the follower thing, wouldn't you know it I gained a new one...I know I shouldn't look but I do, can't help myself.

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