Monday, January 16, 2012

Sunday Walk

Yesterday was a beautiful, beautiful January 15 day.  Actually, yesterday was my little Bro's birthday and I FORGOT to call him.  Meant to many times but just kept getting side-tracked by the day.  Anyway, back to the walk.  I was all packed up from our weekend at the cabin.  The trash was gathered, the beds made, the kitchen clean, I was ready to go but wanted to take a quick walk to the wigwam and beyond before we headed home to gather a few pictures. 

The water over the dam was crystal clear and COLD... 
It's beautiful but will prettier when spring comes and the green leaves start popping... 
Walking further down to the swimming hole I spied turkey buzzards a circling. 

Uh oh, I found their hangout.  There were so many of them.  Reminds me of the movie, The Red Pony based on the Steinbeck book of the same name.  That movie scared the crap out of me with the buzzards munching on the little boy's red pony that wasn't even quite dead yet.  ICK and creepy.  I mentioned to one of the cabinites about my walk and sitting on a bench to watch.  I told him that they started getting curious about me and really started flying closer to me overhead.  He warned that it might not be a good idea to be too still around them....YIKES...hadn't thought of that. 

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Awesome shots!