Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wednesday Blah, Blah, Blah

EGAD...It is Wednesday and I am out of ideas for a blog post.  It is only the 18th of January and I have a very long way to go this YEAR!  I could do Wordless Wednesday but I've just about shared all the pictures I can think of here already.  The NaBloPoMo prompt was something about what was you favorite first line of a book.  Really, I can't remember that, especially if I'm reading like there is no tomorrow, I don't have that kind of memory.  I'm just going with here and just spill some junk out of my brain. 

The schedule is set for work for me this semester.  I speak in the words of "semester" because my working schedule is based on B's teaching schedule at the local community college.  I will officially have Tuesday and Thursday's off this semester and work Monday and Wednesday's and every other Friday.  In reality that is a bit bogus because if I am needed at the office by The Hubby I will be here every day if he thinks it is the end of the world.  It is what I do.  So as you may have guessed I am here at the office this fine Wednesday morning tapping out these words.  I don't have anything really to do as the invoicing is done and all the bills have been paid for the month.  I'm here paying anything that hap-hazardly comes in the mail and watch TV, take phone messages, blah, blah, blah. 

Hopefully tomorrow I will have more to chat about to continue my quest of 366 Days of Blogging.

Oh, and I think I'm a bit surprised that yesterdays post didn't elicit any comments, AT ALL.  Really!  I would have thought pouring out my first love, first kiss story would get something.  Oh well, I will continue on.  Toodles all and a happy Wednesday.


Anonymous said...

Yesterday's post was a good one! I was going to comment, but then something must have come up - good luck with thinking of things to post about - soemtimes it can be really tough!!!

PTBYF said...

Yesterday's post was a good one. I can't even remember my first... probably not worth remembering!