Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Time Flies

Time flies when you are living life doesn't it.  It seems that as I get older time goes faster and faster.  I'm finally at an age and financial stability that I can enjoy my life and all that entails yet the time to have fun with it is escaping me.  You work and work to achieve and if you're not careful you won't be able to enjoy it.  Several years ago The Hubby and I used to get together for dinner and a good game of spades with our friends Gail & Kelly.  We enjoyed the company at least once a month if not more.  We talked about everything in the world, our kids, work, our homes, parents, you know the usual life in general.  Often the subject of retirement would come up and they talked a lot about selling their house and moving to California or even Florida.  Gail love both sunshine states and couldn't wait for Kelly to retire.  They planned as much as we do but sadly Gail died very suddenly in 2006, never to enjoy that time with Kelly, their Golden Years.  She wasn't sick, just keeled over in mid-sentence and was gone.  That is what scares me sometimes.  The Hubby and I talk all the time about retirement and we are just tired.  We've worked for 31 years of our 35 year marriage hard for what we have and we are looking longingly forward to the fun years.  Time flies doesn't it.

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