Thursday, August 21, 2008


It is 10:25 a.m. and I'm still sitting at home in my pajama's sipping coffee. I slept in AGAIN till 9 this morning which is a real departure from my normal routine of 5 a.m. I've had to take it easy and really try to get better from this relapse. I have to get better. I will start packing the pounds on again if I remain sedentary.

Today, at 3:09 p.m. my little girl A, 23 years old is flying in from California. We haven't seen her since B & B2's wedding in March and I'm so looking forward to it. The weekend and week will be full so I've needed these couple of days to get some rest. Tonight we will have dinner with a bunch of The Hubby's family at his mother's retirement place, Monterrau. That will be nice. Tomorrow we will have lunch, all four of us at our favorite buffet, Bangkok (on 33rd & Harvard) then take off to the cabin for the night. We will celebrate The Hubby's birthday (23rd) with our lake friends. It will be me, The Hubby, A, B & B2 and whoever else is up there this weekend. Pop goes the cork! Saturday I will have to come back early because I have invited all of The Hubby's side of the family and my family to celebrate his birthday and the homecoming/visit of A. That would be about 26 people! I am making a couple of huge casseroles and salad and be done with it. I guess I need a cake but we'll see, I'll just have to purchase it if I need it.

When that is done then Sunday we will be going to another faux-family get together. The Hubby's best friend Kelly's family gets together a couple of times a year and we are the faux-family and always invited so Sunday that is going on. We also get to see Kelly's new granddaughter #2, Claire.

So my weekend is very, very full then we will only have about two full days to visit with A and allow her to see some of her friends in town before she will jet off back to sunny, earthquake prone California and her life there. I miss her terribly but she is very happy there with her beau, Gruno (yeah I know). One of these days my girls will both be close to me. I used to cry when they were little when they said they didn't want to live here in Oklahoma, Tulsa, anymore. Now I understand and respect their choices in life, their life. It is hard though.

I also tried to get with my friend because her birthday is the day after The Hubby but she is too busy with her "NEW JOB". What I asked her yesterday. When did she get a new job. I have talked to her a few times in the past month but she never, NEVER said anything about a job. It is part time on Thursdays but not a word! NOT A WORD! I'm her best friend, or so I thought, and NOT A WORD! I'm am used to having friends I can talk to about stuff, just everyday stuff, bad stuff, good stuff, just stuff but we don't even do that. I just don't get it. I think I will give her her wonderful birthday present sometime next week but I'm not putting the effort in her anymore. I am not getting out of this friendship what I need. I'm lonely since Gail and Momma died and you would think she would pick up the slack some but it has gotten worse. She has pulled into herself and her little world, her family. Now don't get all uppity about the family business but for God's sake her family consists of her, the husband and three GROWN children, ages 22,24, and 27. Yet she is so meshed in their lives that she is totally lost. She is eaten up and devoured by what is her family. She needs to find her again. I'm awful but I'm lonely and I'm sad that a friendship of 22 years has come to this but what do I do.

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