Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Just Words

I haven't posted since Monday but feels like an eternity. I used to write in a journal and still do on the weekends but I have carpel tunnel in my right hand and hand writing sometimes is difficult, besides my fingers type faster than my handwriting and I have to keep up with the thoughts that pour out of my brain.

Last night we went to a banquet for the apprentice electricians that we send employees too for class training. Electricians have a four year apprenticeship, on the field and if they/you want there are schools for them also. After a four year apprenticeship in the field they are eligible to take a journeyman test which is very, very hard, you need the classroom to pass. There are a lot of calculations and code that you have to know to pass and be a GOOD electrician. Let's face it you don't want some "JoeBob" doing your electrical, it is very risky and dangerous. The National Electrical Code Book is about 2-1/2" thick with code that has to be followed and here in Tulsa it is very tough if you want anything inspected as a contractor so you had better follow the code. Anyway, back to the banquet. We only have one student in the school this year as nearly all of our employees are journeymen and the one student is our new son-in-law. He is a first year apprentice and last night was 1st year student of the year. B was so excited because we knew but he didn't and boy was he surprised. He actually hates that kind of stuff but too bad because we were very proud of him and besides he got free tools and a plaque.

I'm sitting here at Jazzercise this morning at 5:45 am not working out. I've been banned from working out at least until Friday (2 weeks now) by my doctor until I get healed and it is killing me. I go to see him tomorrow and hope he will give me the green light. I had been sleeping in since I can't work out but my partner Katy and I open the center every morning, turn the computer on and make the coffee, turn the A/C on, unlock doors,d sell passes, check people in, etc. Katy has been doing it by herself and truly it is a very easy but she gets all bumfuzzled if any hitches or kinks come up in the computer or the coffee is not made or whatever. DON'T SWEAT IT I told her. Really it is no big deal. Well, she emailed me yesterday after I slept in and complained so here I am and she is sleeping in . I'm a good person!

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What a good friend you are!!