Thursday, September 28, 2006

Mindless Thoughts

Today I'm sitting at my desk having some mindless thoughts. Well, maybe not so mindless. I'm pretty excited about the weekend with "My Girls". We're having a "NO-YES" Weekend. "NO-YES" means: No kids, No hubbies, No pets, No phone calls that can mess up a day, no worries, yes martini's, yes giggling, yes face masks and nail polish, yes late night dancing, yes just girl talk all night long. It is so much fun and reminds me of slumber parties a thousand years ago.

Wow, now all the workers are out working and I'm left alone here again to do nothing till this evening. I will do payroll tonight so I can BE GONE tomorrow....!!!!! My mind is flitting about so fast I can't even take time to write it all down. I'm getting to start planning my BIG Christmas party so I need to call the caterer. My youngest kidlet is coming home from LA on Sunday for 10 days and her father is excited but wary of 10 days with the messiest girl in the whole world. While she is home were are going to Woodward Park for family pic's of which we haven't had done in 10 years. Boy have we changed in that time. I also got to meet the oldest kidlet's new boyfriend and I'm excited for her. She is really giddy about him. It's fun to see that in her. I also need to finish my grocery list for the "NO-YES" weekend. OH...I have to go get a van tag before the end of the month and I HATE to go to the tag office. Oh well, maybe I'll just go Monday and be done with it a little late. Yeah, that's the ticket.

My mind, my mind, my mind. All this confusion in my skull is probably because Mother Nature decided to grace herself upon me this morning. Probably explains the previous blogs of desperation I was having. I'm feeling better now and am planning some things to make myself feel better. I haven't told "The Hubby" yet but I'm cleaning up my desk area and plan by the end of the year to get a whole new desk. I was in school full time while we had a secretary who set up the whole office thing several years ago so it hasn't got the me touch to it. I'm going to do it. Surprise.

OH MY GOODNESS my thoughts are all over the page today. It helps to write this all down though and well it might help if my HORMONES were not flying everywhere today.!!!!!!!.

Hahahahahahahahahahaha ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

I feel better...a little crazy but better.


Unknown said...

OK...I know I posted to this earlier, but now it's gone? You didn't zap me did you? Or is it just blogger...again!

Jill of All Trades said...

must be blogger. Had a problem trying to even get a blog published.