Tuesday, September 19, 2006


As in previous posts I have made it known I've been having a hard time with things, so I wanted to get away to the wonderful lake place and just be alone for a few days since the spa thing is on hold. Well, I put my plan in action and it bombed. Saturday afternoon I finally loaded my car and hit the road not to return till Tuesday, today, late. And here I sit back home. Weekends at the cabin are pretty busy visiting so I knew my alone time would have to start late Sunday and then for the next couple of days.

Monday morning I awoke to a crisp morning as I had slept with the windows open. The birds twittered. The drops of leftover rain from the tree leaves hit the tin roof occasionally. I was throughly enjoying the quiet morning. Then all of a sudden more sounds came crashing through the window. The sound of air hammers, saws and workers shouting at each other. I forgot that two of the cabins on our arc of the drive were being remodeled. OH MY GOSH! I could have stayed at the office and listened to that. Oh well, I decided to fix my coffee and sit on the screened porch and make the best of the time I had.

9 am and the phone rang. I shouldn't have answered it. I should have let it just ring on and on and on. It was The Hubby/Boss. He just had to call to tell me about a problem with a payroll check that could have waited till I got back in the office on Wednesday. I told him I would be in on Tuesday to fix it. I was pissed. So I hung up and fumed that he didn't need to call to tell me that but he "just wanted me to know." Yeah right. He just couldn't stand bugging me and making his presence known. So I sit and again try to enjoy a book and my coffee but I'm so mad and my mind couldn't quit thinking I needed to get in the office and fix it. ARGGHHHGHHHHHH!! Why did he do it. Then I couldn't stand all the noise too so I began packing up to leave, very angrily.

I went straight to the office and picked up messages and of course there were two extremely important ones I knew he needed so I called him. He was surprised I was back, Why. I said, "someone intruded on my away time." He said, "I guess it's all my fault." YOU THINK! Man, he doesn't get it. I slammed stuff around all day long and didn't even eat lunch I was so mad. I decided I would catch up and then stay home on Tuesday. I would not answer the phone I would just do what I wanted to do. HAHAHAHAHa. I guess I don't get it.

9 am and the phone rings. I wasn't feeling well this morning anyway because of a UTI so he asked how I was feeling. (OH, I forgot. Since I planned on staying here and not be bothered and I had not told him last night of this plan, well, he had to tell me that the appliance guy would be by, trading out the beverage center that was broken and would here between 11 and 4. Then the insurance guy (one of those weight jerks) called and he will be here between 11 and 1.) OK, now back to 9 am and the phone rings. It was him checking up on me and then he proceeded to ask me to come into the office, he has some stuff that needs to go out. He had them ready yesterday but didn't give them to me. I blew. I said, "I thought since I didn't get my quiet time I would stay home today." Oh, he was sorry, nevermind. I'M PISSED.

You would think I still had little bitty kiddos running around so that my time is not my own but no I have a big kiddo that can't seem to let me have space. What is a girl to do. I've tried. I guess I will have to go ahead and make that spa reservation anyway. It might be in December at this point. I'm going crazy.

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