Monday, September 04, 2006

What a Weekend

Labor Day Weekend....Well I definitely took those words to heart and did not labor at all. I sat in my chair on my wonderful screened in porch at the lake and read all weekend long. I started and finished a great book that I highly recommend..."A Year of Pleasures" by Elizabeth Berg. It's a great book club read. I sat in my chair and watched The Hubby get his Hasty Bake all ready for the great CC BBQ Cookoff. There were three areas for him to enter...chicken, beef and pork. He won beef and pork. So now he has three trophies (he won last year). Let me tell you his head is huge. He is SOOOOOO proud of himself. He cooked and cleaned up all of his mess so I had to do nothing ALL weekend. It was wonderful.


Unknown said...

I say we invite him up for book club weekend, put him in a dress, and make him make some of that awesome barbecue for us! Sound good?

LiveLee said...

i'm agreeing, but only until sundown... ;)