Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I did some yelling.

This morning, rather 3 am I awoke and had to rid myself of 4 pomegranate martinis. When I rolled over, oh my head, oh the pain. My, my, my I musn't do that again, at least for a week or two. Feeling this way really set me up to spill my guts to The Hubby.

I'm here at the office typing up the quotes he said he HAD to have out Monday, of which I wasn't given while I was in the office till 3:45 pm. I took yesterday/Tuesday off since I didn't get to have my couple of days in peace at the cabin. At least I tried to take yesterday off. I had to wait at the house for the Appliance Guy to come replace the beverage center sometime between 1-4 (of which he didn't show) and then the Insurance Guy to bring the new policy by between 11-2. So you see my peace and quiet wasn't going to be found at home either. This doesn't count the phone calls from "The Hubby" during the day. We then got back into the thing about coming back into the office Monday to do that paycheck and I said that why did he call me just to let me know when it could have waited. WHY, WHY, WHY! He kind of shuffled off mumbling.

Back to taking it out on The Hubby. I voiced my anger at not being able to take a couple of days off and of course he turns it back around on me saying he would like to be able to do that too. He said that if he takes off a couple of days it has to be advance planning to line the guys out, etc, etc, etc. WHATEVER! I had to throw back to him his trip to Africa on Safari last year for 2-1/2 F---ing WEEKS! He was saying he was feeling trapped but I had to keep the upper hand. I told him I was in a RUT!!!!! A rut of a windowless office EVERYDAY. Four gray walls (literally) with no people interaction except the phone and the stinky construction guys (employees) I see. I needed a break. He tried to over do me but I wasn't having any of it. (Man my head hurts).

He said he didn't understand my wanting to have a biggy like the Africa trip too but my goodness I certainly didn't get my spa trip for my 50th like he got Africa because of Mom. He said then make it happen, but I can't till at least next spring or summer and I need space NOW!!!

Oh, I know I'm rambling but I've got to win this one for the girls. We have to keep our dominion over men. HAHAHAHAHA. (As I twirl my estrogen mustache).

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