Thursday, July 29, 2021

Middle of the Week Life Update

First of all is a recipe update.  You know the Tik-Tok recipe for baked feta, well, this is my version of it.  SOOOOOooo, yummy and easy.  

I took a deep casserole kind of dish and tossed in a bunch of grape tomatoes and tossed them around with salt, pepper, lemon olive oil, Italian seasoning and garlic.  Then in the middle, squeeze in a block of feta cheese and sprinkle it with more olive oil and the Italian seasoning.  Then around, on top and squeezed in around the tomatoes put chicken tenders with seasoning and oil.  Bake in 400 degree oven for about 30-45 minutes, or until chicken is tender and the cheese is all smushy and melty.  So very yummy.   

The losing weight thing is still a thing but this week has been a bit of a pull back because we went out to eat and I totally had pasta but it was well worth it because it was an awesome date night.  Then last night I was planning something totally different but I had the grand-girls to watch and feed.  So what do kiddos eat and love, well, spaghetti of course.  Pasta again was part of my meal.  I wasn't about to fix something different for me because I was already fixing vegan spaghetti for the girls and regular MEAT spaghetti for my guy.  It was yummy, I won't lie.  But, I had a smaller plate and did not go overboard on it.  This morning I'm taking Snicklefritz out to breakfast to one of her favorite places and of course I am eating.  Just have to take it a meal at a time.  It will be okay.
I've been to the studio a couple of times this week but really haven't achieved much in the paint department.  I've been working on this from one of our weekend drives to and from the cabin.  This is one leaving on Sunday and heading back to reality.  So far I'm liking it.  I'm using a lot of greens and mixing paint is very therapeutic for me.  I've not gotten too much done because of work and Linda coming in.  I haven't talked to her in over three weeks because she had her family in town with grandkids so we had to play catch-up on the visiting. 
That's okay, I will finish this next week.  Really need to let some of the green dry anyway so I can paint in the guard rail along the road and the arrows on the signs.  It's going to be nice.  Why I can't paint anymore today or tomorrow, well, I'm again watching grand-girls today and tomorrow I have to WORK!  It will be an all day thing because it will be payroll and it's the end of the month and invoicing should be in full swing.  I also may have to go in on Saturday to work.  Not too keen on that but when you are self employed it is what you do.  Plus we have the printer situation fixed.  Did I tell about that, maybe not.  Our printer, only 6 months old decided to stop working completely but since it was under warranty our nephew, our IT guy, got HP to send a replacement printer and he got it up and running on Tuesday.  I went in yesterday and did a few things and now I wait for The Hubby to get the invoicing ready so I can get it out.  I love a working printer.

Oh these girls....LOVE them so much.  Yesterday Min's momma took them to the pool and then brought them to me to watch so she could go to a prayer vigil for a friend who is on the verge of being put on a ventilator.  So very sad, especially since he opted NOT to be vaccinated.  Anyway, Snicklefritz had a ZOOM Campfire meeting and Min was right beside her watching and participating in it most of the time.  They were so quiet in the bedroom, I just loved it.  


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