Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Lost Sleep

I have been up a good part of the night because of the rising numbers from Covid.  I shared it on FB and honestly only got a few responses for the rightness of this.  I am on board for being vaccinated for sure.  There was only one negative and the stupidity of their reasoning is bugging me.  I've heard all kinds of reasons not to be vaccinated, and these I've personally heard:  

* It's not tested enough, we're guinea pigs
* I'm waiting to see the side effects of the shot
* I'm afraid of the side effects
* It's my right not to be vaccinated
* It's against my beliefs
* You can't tell me what to do
* I've had Covid, it wasn't that bad
* I've never been vaccinated for anything before
* It can make me infertile

Okay, now I will challenge these:

* There are literally MILLIONS of people who've had the vaccine, we are not guinea pigs
* IF you have side effects of the shot they last a day, maybe two, not unlike possibly the flu shot
* This is NOT a religious thing, it is medical, get over yourself.  
* What are you 13 years old rebelling!!!
* If you had Covid I can bet you say you had Covid but if you won't get a vaccine you probably weren't tested either so you probably DIDN'T have Covid!
* If you are my age I can almost guarantee you have been vaccinated for at least polio and smallpox!
* I know 4 people who have gotten pregnant during this damn thing!!!

Listen people, get over yourself and let's get this thing beat back down again before we wipe out our babies now because that is who it is hitting hardest now.  Think of your fellow mankind here and let's do the right thing and get poked! A friend of ours who is vaccinated is a pilot and his co-pilot (private pilots) is...was unvaccinated.  The co-pilot passed away and our vaccinated friend got Covid but is getting over it.  Our daughter has a friend, a couple with five children who did not get the vaccine and the husband is in the hospital fighting for his life and losing that fight.  This is completely crazy that people are not willing to suck it up to save lives, their lives, their children's lives.  I've seen what it can do to a baby.  Our little Min had it early on and it was heartbreaking to watch her suffer.  Her momma still has issues with smell and taste and another friend is still losing his hair by the handfuls from having Covid.  I am TERRIFIED of contracting this thing because of my lungs.  

This is why when I woke up at 12:30 last night I could not go back to sleep until around 3:30.  My mind was whirring again like it was when this all started a year and a half ago.  

I'm sorry to be on a soapbox, but I can't sleep from the worry.  Let's all be careful and do the right thing.  Let's get back on track for our lives, our future, our children and stop the fighting and the ignorance.

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