Saturday, March 12, 2016

Saturday Doing's

I've had an interesting day today, fun and interesting.  I had to drive to McAlester today to pick up my paintings from the art show and since I did not want to go by myself I asked my 88 year old mother-in-law to go with. 

I love, Love, LOVE my MIL and was thrilled she wanted to go.  She grew up there and the lady that was putting the show together is her niece.  She was impressed with all the art and enjoyed the visiting.  I liked having someone to keep me from getting drowsy and bored for the 1-1/2 hour drive down then back.  The drive back she started talking about religion, death, being buried, religion, religion and more religion, which is fine.  She really questions it a lot and it's difficult for her because I think her father was a deacon or something like that and she has spent a lifetime in the church but she just questions it and is confused.  She also talks a lot about dying and her fear of going to hell.  I told her there is NO WAY you are going to hell.  She is one of the most wonderful people I know and it absolutely scares her to death.  It was a conversation we have had many times before and probably will again.  

After dropping her back home I then traveled to visit Daddy and Sis was there to so we had a nice visit too.  I was able to get his printer hooked up to his laptop and he was thrilled.  Daddy really is doing very well and looks awesome.  It's nice to see that.  

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