Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Politics and Coffee

My Greatgranny's place all boarded up.
Picture taken by a customer that lives in the area.
Thank You Joe!
Good morning all.  Not sure where this little blog entry is going so just hang on and let's see!

Every morning (most mornings) I get up, have my coffee, say good morning to The Hubby and get ready to head into the office.  He has the same ritual.  He leaves before me usually to workout and I take a little more time to wake up.  Used to exercise but have not done that for about a year and a half (need to change that).  Back to you may have read we have been self-employed for nearly 37 years so we "WORK TOGETHER!"  During those 37 years it has had its ups and downs but all in all it has been smooth and pleasant and we work well together.  Oh don't get me wrong we've yelled at each other before over the desk but it's just work.  Anyway, this morning I noticed something kind of weird.  When I arrived at the office he was upstairs taking a shower (after he works out he takes his shower at the office) and I went about my business opening mail and getting my desk in order listening to the floor creak above and the water run as he got ready.  He usually waits until he's gotten all the guys off to their job sites and then takes the break to clean up.  Hearing the blow dryer hum I knew he was about ready to come downstairs and soon heard the clump, clump, clump of his shoes on the stairs as he descended.  As he rounded the stairway towards my desk he said, "Good Morning."  I repeated back to him and then had the thought we are in our now in our WORK MODE.  It's kind of funny isn't it.  I thought so.

Political Crap...
Yes, I may get a bit, a LOT political here, and this is MY OPINION, I have the right to MY OPINION!


Hillary - - - ARE YOU PEOPLE CRAZY!  

Republicans - - - Let's PLEASE keep religion out of the campaign.  If you want to preach from a pulpit, go to church.  I do not want a wanna-be-preacher in the White House controlling our country and I certainly DO NOT want a fanatical riotous inflaming nut case running things either.  Trump scares the begezzious out of me and he should everyone else.  We are not left with much to choose from on the Republican side.  Is that all this country has got to give us.  STEP UP someone and take control of this fiasco of a Republican Party and get it right PLEASE.  

Democrats - - - Hillary, please.  Yes, it is time we have a woman in the White House but not her.  I do NOT believe anything she says.  She rubs me the wrong way and does not have a feel of sincerity in anything she espouses.  Please another woman step up and kick some ass!  And Bernie, well, he's a nice guy and my girls LOVE him but honestly, I am a Republican and his stuff is not good for our business, anything Democrat is not good for our business.  Democrats have been in that throne for 8 years now and our business is taking hit after hit after hit.  It is not good people for the small businesses (hear me girls).  The toll that we are feeling will have drastic repercussions, like selling our cabin and laying people off and NO WORK.   


Linda Kay said...

Thanks for sharing your comments. What we are seeing in the Republican party is just what you referred to in the last of your blog....we are fed up with what's going on in the government. I'm hanging my head in shame at the way our prospective candidates and the "establishment" are behaving. They just don't get it! We don't want someone in the White House who has all sorts of political chums and obligations to get things done. Trump may be a little radical, but when he sets about doing something, he is very successful. Maybe he could actually work across the aisles to better our country and make us strong again.

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

Trump has gone bankrupt four times and is facing a huge scandal with the Trump University ripoff so he has failed, repeatedly.

None of the GOP candidates are acceptable to me, except maybe Kasich who is not going anywhere.

Hillary, is basically a moderate Republican in my view. The last consistently good economy that the country had was during her husband's term of office. I like her policies, I just can't stand her and don't trust her judgement.

Bernie, I think he is the only sincere one of the bunch but is too far out there for my taste.