Monday, March 28, 2016

And This Happened

I hope everyone had a good day yesterday.  It was good and a bit weird for us here.  We had the whole crew at the house, my side of the family and his side.  Of course Daddy showed up 2 hours early as usual.  Don't understand that but it's okay.  I was a bit on edge because the niece is back in town and that can usually spell trouble, and she did not let us down.  Sis and her family walked in WITHOUT the niece and someone asked where she was.  Well, Sis unloaded, very publicly and it was not pretty.  The niece has been in California since last fall in rehab, yet again, and seemed to be doing well.  She left about a month ago to go to West Virginia with "a guy", (Sis didn't even know his name).  Apparently she came back here because of a sick friend or something and was home.  Well, Sis said they kicked her out Saturday and she was on a bus as they spoke back to WV.  She stole $300 from Sis's purse, her Transfund card and the keys to their Camero and drove to QuikTrip to pull more money out and then USED again.  Oh Good Grief!  Sis said that was it she was done and doesn't care if she sees her again.  Oh my, I don't even know how I feel about it all.  I would be so torn because it's my kid but I can see how you have to do the tough love thing.  Would make me so sick inside but they still have a child at home, an impressionable child, a GOOD child.  He is awesome so I see it.  I have to say that Sis doesn't forgive well and if you get on her bad side, you are out!  It is heartbreaking.  But then, she turns around and comes up to me to show me her new fancy bauble.  She bought a new diamond ring, the second in the past 6 months and I was under the impression they were broke and she took permanent disability from work.  What gives.  Oh well, I will never EVER understand her.

Easter in it's entirety was nice and finally the sun came out for the kids to hunt eggs.  

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