Saturday, January 23, 2016

Number 40

Today, 40 years ago, we said I DO!  Yes today is our 40th Wedding Anniversary!  We met, we fell in love and we TIED THE KNOT.   

We shared that moment with friends and family, some still here and some gone.

We started a family and they, in turn have created their own families... 



carolann said...

Beautiful pictures. I loved your dress such a pretty bride you made and a handsome Groom. My hubby and I celebrated our 54 this Sept. Where did our years go.

So I know how fast those years go for you too. I do know when I look at my wedding album many times. It was like yesterday. We just loss our flower girl Lola of cancer. My husbands younger sister of the 9 siblings. Then it becomes memories of heartbreaks to Sid and I.
She was 62 so young. I made a blog and pictures of Lola on my Imagination site.

Congratulations both of you. May you continued in your walk with each other and may you continue a healthy life style. Keep your spiritual minds toward God. Let him lead you daily.

The God whom you promised you will be faithful to each other to the end. As husband and wife.


Linda Kay said...

And you haven't changed a bit! Aren't pictures from your younger days fun to see? We enjoyed them.