Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Juried vs Judged

Yes, I'm lacking in posts here but that is just the way it is.  I've been busy gathering and getting ready for a kind of big deal, actually a couple of big deals.  I'm still in the early stages if learning the art world and I've recently become acquainted with a couple of terms, judged and juried.  A judged art show, which I have done several through Alpha Rho Tau here in Tulsa are just that, judged.  You present your art in a show and someone judges it and you win a ribbon or prize.  Recently I've a couple of opportunities for juried shows.  The first one is for a group called Southeast Oklahoma Fine Arts, or SOFA in McAlester.  It was a whirlwind of getting info and paintings, or photos of, for the deadline of January 1.  I did it and in the mail it went.  Juried is where you submit photos or the art and it is then determined if it will be a part of a show, then it will be judged.  I got my acceptance letter for my first juried show that will be in March.  Now I will have to deliver my three paintings to McAlester in February then go back for the reception and announcement of judging results.  It will hang at the Scottish Rite Masonic Temple for two weeks then back to McAlester to pick up and hopefully some will be sold.  My issue yesterday was that I could NOT remember which three paintings I put in.  Had to make a phone call to figure that out but all is good.

Now, the next big deal is a local outfit called Tulsa Artist's Guild.  It is a group that has been around since 1933, as ART has been around since 1930 and am a member.  Last night, at this JURIED show, I became a member of TAG.  It was an ordeal of hoops where we were invited and sponsored for consideration of membership.  Once the application was filled out and JPEG's of the art submitted then we (some of my art friends) descended upon one of the members homes with five paintings or art pieces framed or readied as if in a show.  There were six of us up for membership.  Three of us, Linda, Charlotte and myself I of course knew, but the other three, not a clue who they were.  So that means 5 pieces of art between 6 of us, 30 pieces of art that was displayed all over Sheila's house, on walls, in the laundry room, dining name it, art was everywhere.  So the day went like this:

* Up early and attend class (8-3)
* Spend a whole day painting then home to load up five paintings
* To Sheila's to drop off said art (3:30)
* Home to wait...wait...wait...
* Back to Sheila's for the Meet & Greet (6:30 - 7)
* Leave to wait at my house with Linda (& hubby) and Charlotte (7 - 8:45)
* Back in the car to pick up art and receive congratulations, handshakes, 
and THE BLACK BOOK! (9:00)

Yes, we three musketeers are now also members of TAG!  Sadly of the six juried, only five were offered membership in their group.  We were all ready that one of the three musketeers would not be a part of the group but the threesome is still intact!  

That was a long day and I'm still not sure if it is going to be worth my time as they have NO shows planned, so I guess just meetings.  We are afraid that all they want is new blood i.e. worker bees.  I have news for them, we three are way, WAY to busy for that.  

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Linda Kay said...

I love being involved, but you are right about the need for worker bees. Good luck!