Friday, January 01, 2016

Happy New Year's 2016

Can NOT wrap my head around that it is 2016.  I remember in 1974, when I graduated high school and the thought of being in the 2000's was just confusing for my brain.  Now, here we are, 2016!  So very weird and to think I could live another 30 years to the 2040's!  Wow, just mind blowing.  Plus all the things that have happened in my lifetime.  The electronic age alone is just amazing.  Who would have thought we would be instantly chatting face to face across the globe and into outer space, instantly!

Spent the evening watching Snicklefritz while her parents enjoyed a kid free party!  The Hubby went to a dance with his dance friends so it was just me and her and she was in bed by 9.
WooHoo!  Happy New Year.
Snicklefritz discovered a box under the big Christmas tree that had some old tiny wooden ornaments in it.  We found a small tree in my tablescape and she decorated. 
In the box she found my star that I have been looking for.  She was so excited to find it and was thrilled to put it on her tiny tree.

I was awakened this morning about 5:39, after going to bed about 1:30...YAWN... by an earthquake.  Thought I felt a tremor last night about 9:30 but didn't see anything on my twitter account.  It's going to be a very, very long day with Snicklefritz because she was up at 7:30 today.  She got up with a dry diaper and we sat in the chair for a bit and watched the news then it was off to toys and breakfast of scrambled eggs, blueberries, bacon and a banana.  This kiddo can eat.  Now, at 9:05 a.m. she is contentedly sitting on the floor in my art room working her markers and her sketch book.  She's staying another night and hopefully will enjoy black eye peas and pork tenderloin!  

No New Year's resolutions except to clean out my pantry...CHECK...DONE;
Clean out my;
Read more;
Paint more and enter more contests/shows/opportunities;
Blog more as I go into the 10th year here at Jill of All Trades;

Happy New Year my friends and I promise I shall visit your blogs more often than as of late.  

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Changes in the wind said...

Snicklefritz...haven't hear that in a while:) Nice of you to give the parents a night off and bet you had more fun anyhow. Happy New Year.