Saturday, January 02, 2016

Newspaper Hell

Sent a NASTY email to our local newspaper on New Year's Eve with a complaint.  The story is - We have been customers of the paper for 40 years now and up until last year it was a daily paper.  Love the paper! I love to read it and do the crossword, collect recipes, etc.  Last year we decided that we didn't need to take it daily so switched to Wednesday/Sunday.  Worked perfectly...UNTIL...about 3 weeks ago when our Sunday paper did not show up.  I called and called and called but of course was put into the automated system and it said it was delayed and delayed and delayed.  It did no good.  NO PAPER!  I called that Monday and was told they could credit our account but I said I did not want a credit I WANTED MY PAPER!  No paper.  I figured the carrier was just a mess and thought the problem was fixed.  We received our Wednesday paper and I couldn't wait for the next Sunday paper.  Hmmmmm, NO PAPER!  I called and talked to a person finally who apologized and said we would get a paper, which we did.  Wednesday rolled around and guess what NO PAPER!  DAMMIT!  I called and again went through the automated system that said sorry for the problem that one would be sent right out.  NO PAPER, and when I called yet again to talk to someone they said they showed no call that morning!  WHAT!!!!!!!!!  I was HOT!  They apologized yet again and said a paper would be sent out Thursday.  Guess what NO PAPER!  I then sent an email to get some tracking going on and got an answer that again apologized and that we would get a paper on Friday.  Yup, we got a paper on Friday, Wednesday's paper.  OH GOOD GRIEF!  The Hubby said just quit the paper but you know what it's the only paper in town.  I WANT MY DAMN PAPER!  We'll see what Sunday holds this week and I will NOT be going through the automated system again.  Next time I will insist on a manager!  


Changes in the wind said...

Not a good way to start the new year..hope they clear it up for you.

Sweet Tea said...

Bizarre that would be the case after being a customer for so long. It's often these little things that make us Cray-Cray! Hang on!