Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Life Is Just Not Fair

Life is just not fair.  

Yesterday I found out that a dear friend is facing a divorce.  So very sad for him.  He has had so many knocks in his life and I worry, WORRY about him.  The weekend was not good for him, as his wife let him know that she was not happy, that he was NOT the "man of her dreams."  She has found another to fill that dream guy idea!  He is absolutely crushed and you have not lived until you sit with your guy friend and he is crying, just crying for a life he thought he had.  He was planning for retirement with his lady but it is not to be.  He will have to sell his farm she wanted and divey up the pets they both have.  He will have to move and more than likely his retirement is not to be anytime soon as I'm sure she will get a good part of what he has, which is not much really.  He said he tried to do the happy things for her lately.  Bought her a new EXPENSIVE quilting machine (like $20,000) a brand new kitchen, a new Tahoe...but alas she is not happy.  He said he just didn't get it but that he's a guy and he thought that would make her happy.  It's funny, when he walked in the door I turned to another friend and said, "SOMETHING IS WRONG!"  I could see it immediately and sure enough his life is changing forever, yet again.  He's weathered the loss of both parents in the last five years, and a brother, another divorce (many years ago) and the devastation of a deal done dirty to him many years ago.  This is the nicest, NICEST guy you will ever meet and it breaks my heart to see him so beat down.  It is so on my mind that he is so sad but glad he knows where his friends are and we are there for him.


carolann said...

Very sad but money and things do not make you happy.

I guess he found that out fast from her.

Linda Kay said...

Appears that you are a good friend and there for his support. We all find a way to survive.