Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Sleep, Elusive Yet Again

OH MY GOSH....sleep was so illusive last night.  I have so much on my mind and it didn't help that I watched a most wonderful film on PBS called "Blood Brother".  I just happened on it as I channel surfed and could not stop watching.  It's a program called IndependentLens on PBS.  I can't seem to find when it will run again but you must, MUST watch it.  It's about two friends, one a film maker and another, Rocky.  Rocky is kind of a lost soul but travels to India where he signs up to work at an AIDS hostel where children live who have AIDS.  It was sad, inspiring, beautiful, sweet, made me cry and drop my jaw.  Of course it is an award winning film and rightfully so.  What can I say, watching this film did little to help me sleep.  

I tossed and turned and dreamed and then would wake up and think about the film, then the HUGE art project I am to begin today.  That has got me a bit freaked out.  Then I had kind of a bit of a scary dream that I got a phone call from some lady that works for a trash service and she had my Daddy in her office way north of Tulsa sitting because his car was broken down and he was confused.  Okay, THAT freaked me out and then I started worrying about Daddy and today I will call him.  I didn't go see him yesterday or the weekend and I guess I feel guilty but hopefully I do have a brother and sis that check on him.!?

So, yes I am up, EARLY, as I have to go to the office and get a bit of work done before I go to art class to start said project.  I am concerned that it will be in the way in our art class but I need to do it there for the tutoring help that Ross can give me as this is the BIGGEST thing I have ever done.  NERVOUS!!!!!

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