Friday, January 03, 2014

Random 5 Friday

I think I may have done this yesterday but here we go again!  It's another Random 5 Friday.  Why not join in!

  1. Oatmeal...yum it is good!  I'm adding it back to the diet along with the bacon I eat in the mornings.  Not at the same time.  I plan on adding it every other day.  
  2. Why can't I sleep past 5 am in the mornings anymore.  It's kind of frustrating really.  I want to sleep in but my body starts giving me problems and so I'm up.  The carpel tunnel in both of my hands, my bladder and then the mind starts firing up and I'm awake!  I can't even stay up late at night, the majority of the time.  It's all I can do to stay awake for the 10 o'clock news and weather.  That is probably why I am up early huh!  Oh well, I will go with the flow.  At least I can get stuff done in the mornings, my most productive time of the day.
  3. Coffee, do you drink it.  It's funny that when I was in my teens I just detested the taste of it but loved to smell it.  My parents would drink it at all times of the day and in the evenings they would have a cup while watching TV.  We kids knew how to fix it for them and it was great fun to prepare and take it to them.  Daddy liked two sugars and Momma liked it black.  Aww, the smell was delicious but YUCK!  Grandma used to have coffee candies that I loved and wished coffee tasted like it.  Then, in 1979, I was pregnant with our first child, daughter, and The Hubby would fix his coffee and the smell again tempted me.  I again tasted it and wow, YUM!  Oh my goodness, I craved the stuff but knew that it was probably not good for me.  So to protect the baby I would buy decaffeinated coffee and replace the regular coffee, he never knew and I got to have my cup of coffee a day.  After that I loved it and still love it.  
  4. Cold weather, snow, sleet, ice, I HATE IT ALL!  No I will never, EVER live in Colorado or go snow skiing.  I am an beach baby!  I love the sun and hot and blue and green and COLOR!
  5. Lost in my car.  I have a necklace that I have worn for YEARS and everything is very special on it.  
    Over the years I have added a few things there.  The first (in the center) is a sapphire with a diamond on top.  The diamond was from my first wedding ring, not first marriage, same marriage, it was just that we kind of upgraded my wedding ring especially after I wore the band completely in two.  Then The Hubby gave me an amethyst with a diamond for my birthday and another with an emerald with a diamond.  I couldn't decide which to wear so they all reside around my neck.  Several years ago, before Mom died I found a tiny baby ring in one of her jewelry boxes and she informed me it was my baby ring from my favorite aunt and uncle, my great aunt and uncle to be exact.  So the ring was added.  I've replaced the chains many times and recently had to have it repaired when Rio accidentally caught it and it went flying.  It has broken many times but I have always found the jewels and ring.  Yesterday I was in my car and the seat belt had shifted up and I reached up to pull it down and caught the chain and "PLING" everything went flying.  I have found all except the most important one, the sapphire and my wedding diamond.  Oh, I am very upset about it and I will continue to look but sad for sure.  


Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Oh no! I hope you find the rest of your necklace.

I hate winter too. I feel so trapped. And our winters, for the most part, are fairly mild. Still hate it.

Lynn said...

Oh dear I hope you find your stones, how upsetting for you, my fingers are crossed. I've recently started to eat oatmeal again, with bacon sounds better. Coffee though I've never had children I didn't like it until I was 35 when I discovered I did like it plus it was faster at work to pour a cup of already made coffee than to make a cup of tea.

Buttons said...

Oh I do hope you find your diamond and your sapphire in your car that would be very scary but I know you will.
Coffee love it.
Snow with snowshoes love it not so much the extreme cold nor the hot beach funny how people can be so different:)
Take care good luck finding your stones. B

Tanya Breese said...

oh no, i hope you find it.... :( i posted about coffee in my randoms this morning too! have a great weekend :)

Beth Edwards said...

i know for me ... if i stop drinking close to bed time i can usually sleep a bit longer. for me it is the hubby who wakes me up. i was a sound sleeper when i was single ... now i wake a whole bunch. ( :

finger crossed for finding your necklace. have you retraced your steps? i usually find what i am looking for if i stop looking.

Monkeywrangler said...

Visiting on R5F. On your lost stones, first off they are probably in the car still, but you also really need to comb the ground where you first exited the car after the chain broke. They may have been in a fold of clothing and when you stood up to get out of the car, fallen off at your feet, unbeknownst to you. another suggestion is if you have small children about (yours or someone elses), they have sharp eyes and fewer preconceptions of where stuff may have fallen. Have them look for the "pretty stones" in and around the car, and offer them a tasty reward if they find them.

Monkeywrangler said...

Oh, and I am SUCH a coffee junkie! I roast my own beans, hand grind them, and use a Freiling French Press for my morning cuppa!

Terri Buster said...

Oh, I hope you find the stones...I would be heartbroken to lose one. I'm not much on coffee..just Dr Pepper...caffeine is good for us, right? LOL!

W. Latane Barton said...

So sad about your lost necklace. I surely hope you find it. Why is it that when we lose something it is always a favorite or very special. The junk just stays with us and never gets lost.

Snap said...

I hope you find all of your necklace. I had a bracelet that I adored -- wore it all the time and one day I noticed it was gone. I have no idea where I lost it ... it was very light weight. Maddening! I love oatmeal and bacon. I'm an early riser, too. I love the smell of coffee, but I don't drink coffee -- tea for me! Happy New Year!

Sarah Huizenga said...

I hope you find everything you lost on the necklace. I can't sleep past 5 a.m. either, but it is nice quiet time before anybody else is up.

Nancy Claeys said...

I have faith you will find your precious gem in time... keep looking!

And I've learned over time to accept the different seasons as they all have a purpose.

Thanks so much for sharing at R5F -- hope you can join us again! xo