Sunday, January 05, 2014

Snow, Snow, Baby

We are again under the influence of SNOW.  It's very pretty and very cold but I'm DONE with it.  It's a good thing it's a weekend and I'm getting a lot done around the house.  Yesterday I cleaned out ONE of my junk closets and took two bags of trash out!  I've cleaned corners and my desk and today, since we are snowed in I could continue, but I think an easel is in my future.  

Yesterday one of our friends, a cabinite, rescued this sweet baby.  They found him along the country roads nearly frozen and starving.  She said he was so cold and frozen that they had to warm him to get him to walk.  I'm sure someone thought he was too old and close to dying so why not just dump him.  How very, very sad.  This cold snap would surely have killed that sweet guy.  P&T are saints when it comes to animals.  They have taken in many unwanted furbabies and I'm sure this sweet gentleman will be a welcome addition to their four-legged family!  I hate people who dump animals!
How can you turn away from that face!


Yogi♪♪♪ said...

There is a special place in you know where for people who dump their animals.

Good on your friends for rescuing that poor dog.

Lady Lilith said...

It is so nice that you were able to rescue the dog. I hope het gets strong soon.