Saturday, January 18, 2014

Sleepless In Tulsa

I just read over my post from yesterday and sadly my grammar was horrible.  Good grief, I really need to make sure of what I am posting before I put it out there.

I was awake at 2:30 this morning.  Yes, my eyes opened, I had to pee, and the heat had not been turned down....HOT, HOT, HOT!  I tossed and turned and by 3:30 I gave up and turned the Kindle on and read a bit.  Then I hear The Hubby, who had fallen asleep on the couch rustling around in the kitchen taking his fiber he forgot.  I knew he was heading to the bed.  He snuggled in with Clayton by his side and I was still wide-eyed.  Finally, listening to his snoring, about 4:15 I turned the Kindle off and dosed off to sleep.  6 AM and I was awake again as Clayton was whining to get up and go outside and then eat his breakfast.  That was okay as I needed to be up because today is a big day.  I will be at The Garden Trug today with my art.  I have to be there at 9 to set up and then back again for an Artist Reception from 1-3.  Then tomorrow back again when they close to pick up my art, hopefully less of it.  If you are in need of a beautiful painting, come on by and visit me and just look or purchase!!!!! 

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Kay said...

Very lovely, Carla. I do love your talent with color and form.