Wednesday, January 15, 2014


I will be HERE so come by and see me on Saturday! 

We Love Our Truggies

Your team at the Garden Trug 
says "Happy New Year" &  "Thank You"
with our 
  Trugapalooza Sale and Art Show
January 18th & 19th
Artist Reception
1-3pm Saturday Only


It is something truly outstanding of its kind.  
An extraordinary event just for you! 

 You will receive 30-50% OFF select items

there's more...
Receive 60% OFF holiday items

There's even more...
Shut the door!

We're honored to showcase the
talents of four local artists and fellow truggies
with an Art Show and Sale

  Meet the Artists:
 David Hoot - Stained Glass Works
Carla Hefley - Oil Paintings
Jean Kelley - Acrylic and Mixed Media
Merry Schepers - Mixed Media and Porcelain Vessels

Please join us as we toast the new year with spiced cider, sweets, art show, and sale
Trugapalooza Sale & Art Show
Dates: January 18th & 19th
Time: Regular Business Hours
Artist reception: 1-3pm Saturday
PH: 918.528.3828  
Location Map: 

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Kay said...

Yae Carla! Good for you! Have a wonderful time.