Sunday, July 21, 2013

Water Of All Kinds

It's raining.  Yup this morning it is raining.  Sounds awesome.  Think I will go to the screened porch for a bit this morning and enjoy the pitter-patter of the raindrops on the metal roof. 
We've had a very quiet weekend here at the cabin.  Friday night we had dinner at PH's and she fixed a most delicious dinner, and it fit right in with our diet.  She made chicken breasts that were filled with cream cheese and wrapped in bacon.  The veggie was spaghetti squash casserole au gratin that was to die for. 
Yesterday afternoon I bit the bullet and went to the creek and SAT in the creek.  I'm just not one who does the creek anymore so this was kind of big.  When a kiddo I, we, my bro and sis, absolutely lived in the lake or creek, but I think the stupid movie JAWS ruined me on bodies of water that you can't see the bottom of.  There are critters in them waters! 
So Saturday afternoon, a rather hot afternoon, I joined a few friends and sat in the softly flowing creek and enjoyed the coolness.  I also sat on the creekbank and sketched a bit too.  It was quite pleasant. 
Here's to wonderful times spent with friends!


Yogi♪♪♪ said...

I've given up on creeks, ponds, and lakes.

Beautiful to listen to the rain this morning. Rain in Oklahoma, in July. What is going on?

Nonnie said...

Sounds like a really nice weekend and the rain especially sounds nice. Sitting in the creek would be all right as long as it is clear and cold enough that I can see whatever critters are in there. The meal sounds really delicious and I'm going to check out a recipe for that au gratin spaghetti squash.