Friday, July 12, 2013

Pickle Eater

I am TOTALLY stealing these pictures from Af's Facebook page but I just had too.  

When my girls were this age my mother told me to let them chomp on dill pickles to help with teething.  Something about the alum that is used in pickles helps to numb the pain.  Not sure if this is right but B is an avid researcher in anything to do with baby Rio so must be something to it.  So during a Facetime with her Auntie Af she is enjoying her dill pickles. 

Well, since she has a few teeth now you have to be careful when the odd piece is chomped off.  They are too big to swallow but Rio doesn't care.  She loves her pickles!

Not happy at all!

Whew, much better!


Beryl said...

Totally cute! Never heard about the Pickle-Teething thing, but it makes sense.

Sweet Tea said...

Now that is one cute little "Pickle Eater". LOL!! Never heard of that before but ol' wive's tales are usually based in good ol' common sense.